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Welcome !


CIC is a South London family orientated base business; stemmed from (founder) origin J.W.I.

We are here for you. Balancing work, kids and family life can be a challenge hence; our services are used, trusted and highly recommended to friends, family and associates just like you.

We currently operates on a small scale with big goals to expand vastly into the industry with the determination to deliver quality cleaning at all times with professional result, at the highest standard to our clients.

You are in safe hands, with our Public Liability in place to offer peace of mind- we are covered and so are you.

About Us

Why Clean it Cleaner?

We have the necessary skills, ability and wiliness to do the job satisfactory.

We are very strict, both for the protection of our clients as well as our reputation, therefore, all candidate legal status, skills, experience, manners, English language, are carefully assessed to ensure they fit CIC criteria. They also goes through a series of training by a senior staff to ensure the required quality cleaning service is delivered.

We want to be trusted in your home and business environment, and we want you to feel comfortable with CIC staff present hence, the above aspects are take extremely seriously.


To have own and work in partnership with other charities to create life changing opportunities and solutions to many of the exiting issues in society (unemployment, gang crimes, homelessness, child/domestic abuse etc.)

Our aim

Our aim is to become YOUR BEST AMONGST THE REST. Your professional engagement with us really mean a lot to this business.


We do understand that sometimes things go wrong; CIC welcome your complaint and we promise to do our best to resolve the matter quickly and fairly; whilst learning how to prevent sure occurrence from happening in future.

Equality and Diversity

CIC is committed to promote equality and diversity in our general operation. This applies to our professional relationship with our clients and staff, contractors and supplier. We intend to treat everyone equally, with courtesy and respect regardless of their personal back ground and beliefs.